Exterior Treatments in Tyler & Longview, TX

Window TreatmentsSun mitigation is important for a number of reasons, and there’s no better way to stave off sunlight streaming through your windows than exterior window treatments. The Blind Place Tyler will help you implement solutions to lower UV heating and fading, so you can live and work comfortably. Our selection of outdoor shades in Tyler, TX, and Longview, TX  accommodate any budget and any setting, helping homes and businesses alike, protect their occupants against exposure from the sun.


Why Exterior Shades?

Not only are they inexpensive and stylish, exterior shades in Tyler, TX, and Longview, TX  are a smart solution for coping with the harsh sunlight and climate that Texas is known for during the peak summer months of the year. These shades block UV rays to create lower temperatures around your home, while also keeping cooler air inside. As a result, they can lower wear on your AC unit and lower your utility bills.

Exterior shades are also built to stand up to the elements, making them a great long-term solution to sunlight mitigation.


Products We Offer

Window TreatmentsThe Blind Place Tyler offers a full selection of outdoor patio shades in Tyler, TX, designed to fit your home and your budget perfectly. We take precise measurements and install your exterior window treatments for a tailored fit that’s unique to your home. Choose from a variety of opacities, materials and styles, to give your home a cohesive look and optimal benefit.

In addition to personalized styles, we also take pride in bringing our customers some of the best name brands in the industry. With manufacturers like US Motion Patio Screens at your disposal, it’s easy to make an investment that will pay dividends in your future.


Get Exterior Solutions

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