Drapery Services

Looking for a window treatment that gives you ultimate privacy, beautiful décor accents and virtually unlimited customization? Let The Blind Place Tyler introduce you to the many benefits of drapery. Through our comprehensive drapery services in Tyler, TX, you’ll get the beauty and versatility of high-quality drapery in your living room, bedroom, dining area or wherever else your home demands it.

Measurements and Fabric

drape fabric on table

To give you a completely tailored product that will fit perfectly and look gorgeous in your space, we provide extensive customization options. This includes coming out to measure your windows and to walk through all of the fabric, pattern and color options you might be interested in. Our team will make sure we walk away from the consultation with all of the information necessary to bring beautiful drapery into your home.

Custom Drapery

When you choose The Blind Place Tyler, you’ll never get a stock option or an ‘off the rack’ drapery installation. Instead, we provide customization options that result in the perfect drapery for your needs. From the fabric, to the color, to the pattern and even the type of grommets and pleat style, we’ll make sure everything is completely custom. The result is drapery that’s absolutely perfect for your home and welcomed in your everyday life.

Drapery Installation

After we help you customize and create beautiful drapery for your home, we’ll also make sure it’s perfectly installed. Our custom drapery installation in Tyler, TX takes the precise measurements gathered during consultation and ensures all hardware is perfectly situated so that your drapery hangs immaculately in whatever room it’s installed in.

Whether you need privacy, are looking to enhance your décor or just want to block out direct sunlight, drapery is a fantastic option. And, with custom drapery from The Blind Place Tyler, you’re guaranteed window treatments that are completely customized for your living space. Contact us today at 903-561-9296 to set up a consultation.